Why Pretending to Like Something is Never a Good Idea

"Stop pretending - she is not your type"

"Stop pretending - she is not your type"

“Stop pretending – she is not your type” 

It can seem like a great idea, especially if you are already interested in how to casually hookup online. Just pretend to be into the thing she posted about in her profile, or immediately brought up when you sent her a private message. A quick Internet search should be more than enough to keep up with the conversation, after all. When you spend most of your introduction to one another talking through a computer either on the website or through email and texting, any where in England with a decent internet connection will provide all the information you need to fake it until you make it. Right? You can learn some more about online casual sex here: http://hookupsitereviews.co.uk/dating-tactics/. Check the ultimate guide for hooking up with women in England.

Why Torture Yourself?

"What's the point in torturing yourself?"

“What’s the point in torturing yourself?” 

Why bother, though? The thing is, pretending to like something just to get her interested is not only a waste of time in most cases, but generally excruciating to keep up over time. Whatever it is she is into that you are not, there is probably a reason. While, in some cases, that reason tends to be something like you just have not been introduced to it before, a lot of the time it is because you just aren’t interested to begin with. That means having to spend time researching something you do not want to know about and can never be sure if you are getting right just to impress a total stranger long enough to hook up. Now think about going through that for the rest of the foreseeable future if you happen to get along well enough to stick together.

Yeah, doesn’t exactly sound thrilling, does it? However attractive she is, and whatever tricks you found for how to casually hookup online, pretending to be into something you do not know anything about or are not terribly interested in is just going to make you resent the time you spend convincing her otherwise. In fact, most of the time you end up resenting the facade for so long that you either end up breaking it abruptly in her face or resenting her as well. Sometimes both happen and, well, it does not end up well at all. Even if you somehow manage to pull this off and keep it up over a long time without coming to resent her or the time spent, you are still going to end up bored at the very least. Doing something you aren’t interested in is never enjoyable; it is just the level that changes.

You’re Going to Look Stupid

"You do look like a stupid"

“You do look like a stupid” 

More to the point, trying to pretend you like something you really do not know anything about is typically pretty easy to spot. We have all come across someone trying to fit in by repeating things that sound right to them but that are obviously hacked together by someone who really does not understand how they relate to one another. At best, she might take pity on you and tease you for trying to impress her. More than likely, however, she is going to roll her eyes, ignore you, or immediately write you off for lying. No matter how you slice it, pretending to know about or be interested in something you really could care less about is going to be hard to pull off, make you look just plain stupid, and definitely lying.

Do you really want to be known as that guy who has no idea what he is talking about? That is how she is going to remember you and no amount of research about how to casually hookup online is going to change that. Moreover, if you ever try to explain anything later, or give an informed opinion on something she is probably not going to believe you. Pretending at the beginning of the relationship, even just to get her attention, is a very good way to undermine yourself later. Whether it is in the firm of making her distrustful of your words, or just disbelieving of your knowledge, that is a big blow to your credibility. Restoring credibility, as any politician can tell you, is a rather intensive public relationship campaign to push through. Not putting yourself in that position to begin with is usually the better way to go with this.

Beyond how it makes you look to her, consider how it might look to anyone else in England. Rarely is dating done in solitude. Most of the time, if you meet up, it is out somewhere and if you hang out, it will eventually be with friends. You can expect, then, to have to put of the facade of repeatedly around other people. As convincing as you might be to her, the chances of passing off the lie get lower and lower the more people you have to convince. For the most part, more people is going to mean more problems. Not only can you end up giving a terrible impression to more people, but the chances of her catching you in the lie when she has someone else to observe and do the same is much greater. In the end, the blow to your reputation really is not worth it.

She Will Find out and it won’t be Pretty

"She is not as dumb as you think"

“She is not as dumb as you think” 

That brings us to the fact that, eventually, she is going to find out. Whether that is right away, or years down the line, of course, is up to you. You can be the most determined, meticulous researcher and a fabulous actor, but does that necessarily mean you will want to keep up the front for the rest of the time you are together? Our experience is that if she does not find out on her own or through a friend, eventually, we all give in and admit to it ourselves. Sometimes that comes out in frustration and blows up in the middle of some other, unrelated fight. Why? Often, making the effort to pretend to be into something she is makes us feel like we are putting more into the relationship than she is. That means no amount of effort she makes on her end will ever feel like enough to counter balance our own. It then becomes impossible in our eyes for her to be an equal in the relationship. Not only is that completely unfair to her, but it will inevitably breed resentment.

Ultimately, whether she finds out on her own, through someone else, or through us, the fallout is not going to be something either of you wants to deal with. Remember, you have been lying to her since the very beginning of the relationship. In fact, the entire relationship is based on lying to her. Even if it was just to get her attention, getting past that fundamental break of trust is going to be difficult for most everyone out there. Trust is very important in any relationship, but particularly so in a romantic one, especially when the expectation of fidelity is implied. If she cannot trust you to be honest with something so basic as what you like, how can she trust you with more important things, after all? Even if you do not agree with the logic, you have to expect it at some point. Our suggestion is just to avoid the situation altogether and start on the right foot.

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5 Money Management Websites for Credit-free Future


Teaching money value in the early years of childhood is one way of making kids understand discipline and avoiding them to become spoiled brats. Parents have a major role in this development and technology came in the way of useful learning for children. On the other hand, parents can utilize technology to teach their children values without compromising fun.

This is where the educational websites come in. If your kids are fond og playing computer games, why not use this opportunity to let them develop their money concept by one of these real time money management sites?

1. Virtual Piggy

This money management site is unique in a way that your kids can make an actual purchase, just like what you do on eBay or Amazon. Parents need not to worry if their children will spend too much or would purchase something child unfriendly. They can customize their kids’ account, set up a purchasing limit and block all sites which you don’t want your kids to purchase from. Your credit card information will be hidden from your kids for security purposes.

Virtual Piggy Now Available on Fathead.com

Virtual Piggy Now Available on Fathead.com

2. Tykoon

Tykoon is a smart way of teaching your kids money management as they engage in real life purchasing decisions and even giving to charities. In order for kids to gain money, they are ought to do chores or errands that they need to complete. It is up to the parents how will the reward their kids. When their kids will use the virtual allowance, Tykoon will send a notification email that serves as a permission to purchase. If the parents agree with the purchase, Tykoon will use the parents’ credit card detials to purchase the item.

Parents can customize the platform and security details of their children’s account.

3. Kidsworth

Parents can register their kids a free account on Kidsworth. This money management platform is designed for kids to meet a certain goal, may it be smart products, savings and investment, or charity giving. These three goals are prebuilt by the parents council, or parents themselves can customize a goal of their own. When they receive gifts and allowances through Kidsworth, these will automatically add up to their account to reach the proposed goal.

4. The Mint

We know how difficult it is to rely on credit card and how hard it is to fully pay all debts. That is why it is very important to teach kids the essence of saving and managing money. The Mint is an interactive website that has fun games, useful tips, and teaching lessons poised to help kids learn about money management.

Ebook Rich Kid Smart Kid - Robert Kiyosaki

Ebook Rich Kid Smart Kid – Robert Kiyosaki

5. Rich Kid Smart Kid

Rich Kid Smart Kid is an interactive gaming website that allows kids to have virtual shopping using the main character. The aim of the website is to increase children’s financial literacy even at the early years of childhood. The fun games in different settings allow the kids to purchase virtual products with their virtual money and earn through “working.”

Teaching kids about money value doesn’t have to be boring and flat. Thanks to the different money management websites, you don’t have to sound demanding for your kids in terms of how they spend their allowances. These websites will help them learn correct money spending, investing, and saving independently.  

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Online Dating Sites That You Should Definitely Check Out

Finding true love is rare these days but definitely not impossible. Love is not limited to race, country and not even distance. It transcends what is called hard to many. It is worth every effort to making it work. Though not everyone wants to take the risk of dating someone from another place or country, there are some that are definitely looking for that kind of adventure in their love life. This is why online dating websites are now becoming very useful. Let’s take a look at some that you should not miss:


This website is one of the most leading dating websites online today. It’s definitely easy to find because of the simple domain name or website address that it’s using. It’s known to be user friendly when it comes to website structure and definitely has a lot of people from different parts of the world already registered in it. Its popularity is increasing online.

dating | The Sanity Of A Mad Woman

dating | The Sanity Of A Mad Woman


Featured even in some Hollywood movies, plenty of fish is included on the top 5 of most popular dating websites online of this year. They’re known for having creative features on the website allowing people to enjoy using them while meeting new faces and new races.


This is another popular website where most people that visit the website are open to starting a relationship with the person that matches their personality. The website requires you to answer a relationship questionnaire at the beginning of the step to help you come up with your personality profile, thus make it easier for others to know if you’re someone they’d be interested with.

Top 5 Benefits Of Online Speed Dating

Top 5 Benefits Of Online Speed Dating


Feeling safe in finding someone special online would be possible when you know that you’re at a place where people only intend to be with the one that’s meant for them. Nothing’s safer than being with someone who fears the Lord and acknowledges His plans rather than their own. It’s easy to find that in a place like this dating website. You can be sure that you’re somewhere who loves God and His word.


If you just want to start looking around for friends first before you get into the dating game, this dating website would be the safest place to be in. Even if it’s originally designed for dating, you can actually pick some other options while you’re still looking around. They have an option that gives you the freedom to find prayer partners, friends or you can even pick the “anything” option for a starter until you find someone interesting.

It’s always nice to find someone to spice up your life with. They don’t have to be near nor be far from you. It always comes down to knowing that you can be happy with them whether or not they are from your own country or area.

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Top 3 Most Essential Things to Have When Building a Home Gym

The establishment of your own home gym may be cheap and easy. You do not have to purchase fancy equipment and total body machine. You can turn the home gym as your worthwhile investment and help many people obtain their personal goals. It is important to distinguish the most important things to buy as a first step.

In building a home gym, you have to consider the significant tools or materials that will emphasize protocols and exercise with the use of various moment patters and free weights. Make sure that these things can incorporate conditioning and strength training while working on core stabilization and flexibility. There are home owners who are planning to have home gym that only considers what they think are nice to look at just to complete the set up. But for you to have the best and functional gym, consider the following.

Barbell as the Most Basic Tool

Barbell is one of the most basic and well-known tools that are found in a gym and home gyms. A home gym will never be completed without its presence. Like some free weights, barbells are better than other machines in the gym. This is because of coordination and stabilization aspects that they provide to the workouts. Make sure that the barbell that you are going to purchase is sturdy enough and not so cheap or not so expensive. If you do have smaller hands, you may consider buying the ‘women’s bar’.

10 Essential Items to Outfit Your Home Gym

10 Essential Items to Outfit Your Home Gym

Medicine Ball for Plyometric Exercises

A medicine ball is the best tool for performing plyometric exercises including core strength movements. Whether you carry it, throw it or perform abdominal exercise with it, this workout tool provides various options. You must search for a softer medicine ball for you to simply catch or throw it when doing exercises. If you are still not sure about the weight, get into the lighter side since most exercises with medicine ball are emphasizing power and speed.

Stereo System to Rock Good Tunes

You have to provide stereo system to your home gym to come up with great tunes while working out. It serves as a good motivator to perform your workout smoothly and enthusiastically. Music adds energy while on a workout and it will make you go with its rhythm. It also makes the home gym space livelier to boost your strength and energy.

How to run on all cylinders

How to run on all cylinders

While these three things are considered to be the most significant things that you need for your home gym, there are other things that are associated with them. Some of them are weight plates, plyo-box, jumping rope, pull up bar and kettlebell. If you are self-motivated, these things should be present in your home gym. These will be better investments than spending too much on gym memberships that you never attended.

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How to Retire at 40: 3 Savings Strategies

It may seem impossible to retire at age 40, but it can actually be done. Preparing for a retirement is never easy, and the fact that you want to retire earlier can make it even more challenging. But if you plan properly and you think of effective savings strategies, you can start your retirement while you’re still young and full of spunk. Here are 3 savings strategies that can make your wish to retire at 40 a reality:

  1. Deal with mortgage and look for real estate investments

The best thing you can do is pay off your mortgage or at least have low mortgage payments. This is going to be a big help if you want to retire at 40. You can also think about downsizing or refinancing. When you have the funds, increase your payments so you can get rid of your mortgage debt sooner.

It’s also a good idea to invest in real estate and have the place rented. You’ll get rental income from such investment and this amount will even rise as years go by.

How to Retire at 40

How to Retire at 40

  1. Spend less and save more

You need to make sacrifices if you want to retire early. Stay away from unnecessary expenses. You may have to get rid of your cable plan or your unlimited data plan. You’ll have to settle with the gadgets you already own and not buy whatever’s new on the market. You also need to stay away from eating out and going to the coffee shop very often.

If you’re successful in reducing your expenses, you’ll have an easier time saving. You want to save almost 50 percent of your income and not just 10 or 20 percent. Saving almost half of your income prepares you for retirement and helps guarantee that you’ll have sufficient funds for the rest of your life.

10 Strategies to Maximize Your 401(k) Balance

10 Strategies to Maximize Your 401(k) Balance

  1. Invest in accounts that will give you returns in the future

You have different options here. You can go with money market accounts. These are similar to your checking or savings account. What makes it better is the higher interest rate. Withdrawals are limited, but it shouldn’t matter because your goal here is not to touch the money.

You can also go with CDs that give you a good interest rate. Your funds will also increase over time. The term and interest rate are fixed, so you always know how much you’re going to get. You can also go with stocks. Although they’re riskier, the rewards are truly nice if you can invest it wisely.

Retiring early gives you more time to enjoy life and do what you want to do. By then, you’ll own your time and do anything you want. Stick to these 3 strategies and you’ll enjoy your retirement as early as your 40th birthday.

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Tips Regarding The Pros And Cons Of Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss may sound like a great idea when you think about it, however, there are several factors that you need to consider before embarking on this journey. You need to consider the risks associated with such a venture in order to determine whether it is a good idea.

What does being your own boss mean?

Taking some time to think about the idea of becoming your own boss will shed more light on the responsibilities, risks and benefits associated with it. Being your own boss requires a complete change in lifestyle since it has its own challenges and rewards. Therefore, it requires reasonable time and thought to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your decision so as to realize whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It is vital to know that sugarcoating a disadvantage does not make the obstacle easier to overcome.

The Pros of Being Your Own Boss

You report to no one

Being your own boss means that you have nobody to report to except yourself. Therefore there are no egos or office politics to deal with.

Set your own hours

It offers ample flexibility to plan and manage your time conveniently since nobody is there to penalize you for being late.

You command your profits

Since you earned the money from your tears, sweat and blood, you are motivated to take reasonable risks that result in the gains you desire. On the other hand, you can reward yourself accordingly (the effort you put into a specific project).

There is no restraint to your creativity

In some cases, employees have great ideas that get rejected by management or implemented and credited to someone else. You are free to implement ideas that are bound to make your work more efficient and get the credit for it. Being your own boss eliminates all restrictive politics and bosses which opens the highway of coming up with ideas, implementing them and reaping all the benefits.

Power and glory

After putting all your effort and succeeding all the accolades fall into you.

Disadvantages of Owning Your Own Business

The hours (Responsibility)

Although this is true that you can set your own working hours, being your own boss requires a huge investment in terms of time. As an entrepreneur, you need to put in more working hours in a bid to make your venture a success. Employees work for an average of 40 hours per week while most entrepreneurs may spend 80 hours or more without the guarantee of making any money.

The pay depends on profits

Most start ups rarely make any profits for the first two years. On the other hand, you only get to enjoy your money as long as you are actually making it.

Risk of failure (Uncertainty)

Most start up businesses encounter major huddles and may actually fail. You should not anticipate failure, however, be warned that it is also likely.


When you decide to become your own boss, you have the whole weight of the business on your shoulders. At some point you will be worried, anxious or even paranoid. Entrepreneurship requires you to handle stress well.


Keep the pros and cons of being your own boss in mind. Since entrepreneurship may be tough, you need to take full responsibility in your decisions. However, the benefits of comfort and success of being your own boss makes it all worth it.

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